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Water is the fundamental element in our profession, yet the importance of having it cleaned and properly disinfected is often underestimated. On top of being an aesthetic feature of no small importance pure and clear water is the basis for enjoying the benefits that a swimming pool can bring. Careful plant design is a prerequisite for the fundamental functional and hygienic requirements to be met. To guarantee safe water quality, it is necessary to prepare a disinfection treatment that creates the required hygienic bathing conditions. Chlorine is the most widely used and dispersed disinfectant on the market thanks to its effectiveness in avoiding the proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms by eliminating the possible creation of dull water.

We offer the best solutions

natural safe


NaturalSafe® is a system we offer for swimming pools that are meant for private use. It owes its development to the training and professionalism that distinguishes us and allows you to enjoy pure and perfectly disinfected CHLORINE-FREE water. NaturalSafe® is the simplest and most effective system for everybody who wants to have fun with their family and friends in total safety.


Another very efficient system is Dryden Aqua Daisy, which we usually use for new external and internal creations with in-built automation and remote control systems.

Swimming in a healthy environment without suffering any chemical reactions that are harmful to the skin and lungs. If fish and cetaceans can do so, why shouldn’t we be able to do the same? We transfer this safe technology that is typically used by marine biologists for aquariums to your home pool and the results are in everyone's broad sight in over 100,000 swimming pools already using this innovative technology! Let us merely steal 10 minutes of your precious time showing you a video that will open your mind for a higher level of water treatment than any other product on the market.


The internationally renowned marine biologist, Mr Dryden, has developed a water filtration system using products that are not harmful to aquatic mammals (and therefore neither to humans) by simply using the AFM glass sand filtration system (the only one to be actually loaded with potential +) added to a reduced filtration rate and to the coagulant APF, thus offering performances that no other filtration system can guarantee. On top of that, it is a sustainable solution that remains stable in the long run, thus enabling you to relax or train in a pool free of chlorine odours, without retrieving skin dryness and redness of the eyes, without harmful fumes for our body...

All of this is now possible thanks to the complete DAISY system combined with the active oxygen disinfection. The future is here within your grasp. We offer it to all our current and potential customers. The system can be installed on any existing system and is the best investment in the field of swimming pools.

metodi alternativi


Day by day, your pool water is contaminated with microorganisms, contaminants, spores of algae, bacteria, dust, smog and dirt endangering the bathers’ health. Dirt and turbidity particles, micro-organisms like algae, bacteria and viruses can be eliminated with a good correctly sized filtration system and with an effective disinfectant treatment. To disinfect the pool water, there are various products on the market but certainly the most effective and cheapest is chlorine, applied in the form of tablets, powder or liquid. This chemical element was discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1774 and is found in its natural state in the form of chloride compounds or salts. It is a rather abundant element on our planet, as chlorides make up for 1.9% of the mass of all oceans. Chlorine can be toxic at high concentrations or as a result of frequent exposure and high duration by our body. To overcome this problem there are obviously regulations on the use of chlorine that determine the correct doses, thanks to which attending a chlorinated pool does not prove to be absolutely harmful to health (apart from specific diseases or allergies). Chlorine in the pool should be used in two distinct ways, firstly for occasional shock treatments (for example, after heavy rains, for the closure or re-opening of the pool) and secondly, for ordinary maintenance. In the latter case, chlorine levels should be kept evenly distributed in the pool water between 0.6 and 1.50 ppm. Chlorine maintenance is quite simple, as it is about checking the values ​​and placing the product in the water to calibrate the levels in case of non-standard variations.

The benefits:
• Most widely used and well-known system by swimming pool operators
• reasonably priced system
• Intuitive and simple procedure.
• Materials that are easy to find, given the diffusion.



Active oxygen is one of the best known and commercially available alternatives to chlorine. In addition to being an excellent oxidant for organic substances, active oxygen is also very delicate to sensitive skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Treated with oxygen, which can be placed in the form of pellets, granular or liquid, the water is sweet and devoid of the characteristic "pool smell" and free of dangerous by-products. The disinfection with oxygen is, however, quite expensive and requires more attention to maintaining the correct values, especially at high temperatures.

The benefits:
• Excellent product to oxidise organic residues and bacteria.
• Effective disinfectant, destroys chloramines, the main cause of the burning sensation in the eyes.
• It is colourless and odourless, it does not irritate the skin or mucous membranes.
• Reduced use of products to adjust the pH of the water, as it has a low pH.
• In addition to obtaining crystalline water, active oxygen does not attack or discolour PVC coatings.



The electrolysis system naturally transforms salt into chlorine. The combined action of chlorine allows the disinfection of the pool water without storing or handling chemicals. The bathers’ skin and the environment will also benefit, as chlorine is produced naturally and not chemically.

The benefits:
• The periodical check of the chlorine in the pool and the automation of the system are no longer necessary.
• No irritation of eyes and skin.
• No damage to hair and swimwear.
• Isotonic water, ideal for the human body.
• Clearer water.
• More safety, as chemicals are neither stored nor handled.
• Use of salt and electric energy only.
• The salt used in the tank does not run out (it can last an entire season).
• Maintenance when necessary.



The principle of irradiation with UV rays is a physical process. The sun transmits ultraviolet rays that are not visible to the human eye. This natural phenomenon of irradiation is reproduced in the UV equipment, exposing bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms, which are subsequently eliminated from the pool in permanent fashion. This type of pool water treatment is economical, environmentally friendly and leaves no residue in the pool. Water sterilisation occurs during the pool filtration operating cycles. When the filtration stops, disinfection does not take place. It is therefore advisable to provide a complementary treatment that can keep an oxidising product (e.g. active oxygen or chlorine) in the pool and is added either manually or automatically, using a metering pump. The mercury lamp is also known as a germicidal lamp. It is the most effective energy source of short-wave UV light. The sterilizers are made of quartz glass and emit radiation that kills organisms. Given the high volatility and lack of production of UV-rays during the normal daily stagnancies of the system, which causes a lack of disinfectants in the pool water, it is always advisable to use chlorine in its various forms alongside the main disinfection system, even if in a smaller quantity than would be necessary.

The benefits:
• It does not emit any odour.
• It does not cause any irritation.
• The circulation chamber is non-toxic and is resistant to shocks and UV rays.
• The lamps are installed individually for maximum efficiency.
• It is easy to install.
• Has excellent conservation.


Ozone is an alternative solution to the disinfection and the maintenance of the pool itself. In fact, it cannot be directly placed in the pool, but must be managed with a device that produces it on site and manages the input by adjusting it automatically (concentrations between 0.1 and 0.2 ppm). Due to its high instability it cannot be transported. Ozone makes its effect at high pressure, in a mixing chamber, where water and ozone remain in contact for about a minute.

The benefits:
• Powerful natural disinfectant, destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, and oxidises metals deposited in water.
• Virtually complete solution for the sterilisation of the pool.
• It does not add anything to the water if not oxygen so it has no contraindications.

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