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WEFLEX® is our prefabricated system for the construction of the pools. We have never used prefabricated panels made of galvanised sheet, as, due to the acidity of the soil, they are attacked by corrosion only after a few years affecting their stability. WEFLEX® is a disposable PVC formwork system, a thermoplastic material obtained from natural raw materials that is unalterable over time and is suitable for being buried underground.

The unbelievable benefits:

• No damping period, it suffices to dig only 100 cm wider than the pool at low digging and filling costs.
• No limits in terms of shapes and dimensions of the swimming pool, thus leaving space for imagining beaches, waterfalls, overflows and anything else you want.
• Casting with disposable form, visibility during the execution phase, safety and cleaning of the building site.
• Single structure to ensure there are no interruptions and to guarantee a monolithic pool.
• Halved execution time compared to traditional techniques.
• Weather-proof construction site, which is not subject to micro slides that open excavations are normally exposed to.
• Fully protected hydraulic and electrical systems, as they are drowned in concrete castings.
• Plants and accessories that can be customized for your use.




The classic system to build a pool is by using reinforced concrete, a system that ensures a virtually unlimited duration, allowing ample freedom in the design and design of your pool. The reinforced concrete pool can be covered with ceramic tiles or with glass mosaics offered in many hues and shades. The result will be a qualitatively high and very characteristic work if the pool is designed and built simultaneously to the home, time and costs can be significantly reduced.



The construction and design of a pool with the Monoblock Polyfaser® system guarantees speed, savings and quality. The history of Polyfaser® began in 1968 and, thanks to the combination of regional roots and global vision, the company grew to become a leader in Europe in the production of fiberglass pools and telescopic pool covers. The Polyfaser® prefabricated swimming pool offers a range with more than 30 fiberglass models of different shapes and colours: rectangular, round, long, narrow, with Roman stairs or particular stairs. Polyfaser® bathtubs are composed of 7 layers of different materials. The feature that differentiates it from other manufacturers is the processing method. The individual layers in the production of the tanks are applied manually. This procedure guarantees greater stability compared to machining. With a fiberglass tank, construction times are reduced to a minimum. The Mirani Piscine Team will assist you from the design phase, helping you to reduce production time and costs.

The technical characteristics of our vehicles they allow you to download the pools without problems even if access is tight.

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