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The revolutionary "QUATTROSTAGIONI" (four seasons) cover allows you to hermetically close the pool every evening after your baths, preventing the water from being contaminated by oncoming winds and thunderstorms. You can close it by simply pressing a key positioned on the edge of the pool, which can be removed to prevent unauthorised use. This cover can be used both in the summer and for the rest of the season, avoiding water pollution and allowing its reuse at the beginning of the next season in spring. The cover is walkable on the entire surface and ensures maximum safety in the presence of children and pets. In addition, night evaporation is avoided, contributing to the saving of water, energy for heating and especially for disinfectants.

The automatic cover is almost hermetic and isolates the pool from the external environment in both directions, thus preventing the evaporation of water from the pool and the pouring of atmospheric precipitations into the pool. 

Great convenience of use:

by using a key command, it is possible to cover and uncover a 12 x 6m pool in less than a minute.

Perfect air tightness:

the reinforced PVC sheet runs in aluminium rails next to or below the pool edge. Nothing can get into the pool once it is covered with the QUATTROSTAGIONIcover, whether it be rain water, leaves, insects, animals or people.

Absolute safety:

the cloth, spread over the pool, can carry up to 200Kg/ m² and altogether 1,500 kg. It can carry the weight of several people, children or animals.

Energy saving:

70% of the heat of a pool's water dissipates with evaporation. The cover seals your pool and prevents the water from evaporating and preserves heat.

Saving of chemicals:

when the pool is covered the water and the treatment products do not evaporate. The cloth is opaque to light and therefore the UV rays cannot annihilate the chlorine.

Exceptional performance and practicality as a winter cover:

the QUATTROSTAGIONI cover allows you to close the pool in a minute without stretching drapes or rubber bands. Weather conditions allowing, just push the command to open up and access your pool quickly and easily.

Great versatility:

the cover can be supplied in different colours and can be installed both on existing pools and during construction. For all these reasons the QUATTROSTAGIONI cover is considered the best choice for an outdoor pool.



The slatted cover is recommended especially for indoor pools that are used all year round. The advantages are easily comprehensible and comprise the containment of the heat, avoiding dispersion from the surface during the periods the pool is not used. This translates into energy savings that, combined with the reduced operation of the room dehumidification system, guarantees hot water and air quality at low costs.



The telescopic covers offer undoubted advantages. In fact, they allow the use of the pool during any season. Thanks to the greenhouse effect, the pool can be used from March to November, with almost no additional energy to heat it. The telescopic covers are made of extruded aluminium and transparent polycarbonate sheets that allow maximum internal brightness. They are characterised by telescopic and self-supporting sliding elements that allow a complete removal during the summer and therefore a total transformation of the pool from "internal" to "external".

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